About Us

TRI-SON Incorporated is a residential design firm based in Eagan, Minnesota. The owner and sole designer, Tim Nelson, has been turning people’s dreams in to a reality for over 30 years. Tim does things a little bit different than a lot of other designers, for example he uses hand drawn blueprints to bring to life the ideas in your head. New clients are most impressed by his unique ability to bring to life their ideas and transform their current home into their dream home. Tim’s experiences range from multi-million dollar complete home remodels to a bathroom or kitchen remodel, and he provides the same care and attention no matter what the budget is. With the unpredictability of the housing market many homeowners find that they would rather remodel the home they are in than attempting to sell their current home and buy a new one. That is where Tim’s expertise really shines through. He can create a plan to expand a kitchen and create a whole new living environment at a fraction of the cost of moving.